All School District of Philadelphia schools will open Thursday, March 22, 2018 on a two-hour delay. All buses will operate on a delayed schedule pushing morning pick up times back by two hours. We ask that parents and caregivers be patient as certain yellow bus routes may experience moderate to significant delays Thursday morning. All District-operated early childhood programs will also open on a two-hour delay. After-school activities including athletic programs and professional development sessions set for Thursday will continue as scheduled. District administrative offices will be open on-time, however we urge everyone to take their time and travel safely getting to school and work. The School Reform Commission meeting scheduled for Thursday at 4:30 p.m. will take place as scheduled.

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Faculty and Staff

Mr. Guy Lowery Principal
Mr. William Day Assistant Principal
Ms. Corinne Scioli Assistant Principal
Mr. Thomas Szczesny Assistant Principal
Ms. Jennifer Duffy Assistant Principal
Mr. Christopher Oswald SBTL/Title I
Mr. Matthew Braun IB MYP Coordinator
Ms. Jamie Neal IB PYP Coordinator
Ms. Jennifer Devine Counselor
Ms. Ashley Weiner Counselor
Ms. Barbara Hays Secretary
Ms. Christina Murphy Secretary
Ms. Barbara Tiller Nurse
Ms. Kerri Redanauer Nurse
 Ms. Siobhan Ceccola Special Education Liason
Mr. Matthew Kelly Grade 8
Ms. Jenna Fell Grade 8
Ms. Jade Hayes Grade 8
Mr. Cortez Richardson Grade 8
Ms. Jillian Pfeil Grade 8
Mr. John Smith Grade 7
Mr. Michael Furman Grade 7
Ms. Kimberly Copeland Grade 7
Ms. Elizabeth McGee Grade 7
Ms. Jacqueline Ferrino Grade 7
Ms. Mary Rispo Grade 6
Mr. James Brace Grade 6
Ms. Elizabeth Umstead Grade 6
Mr. Luis Gonzalez Grade 6
Ms. Kelly McLaughlin Grade 6
Ms. Richelle Huston Grade 6
Ms. Christine Kurman Grade 5
Ms. Jessica Kendust Grade 5
Mr. Michael Amodei Grade 5
Ms. Stephanie Miller Grade 5
Ms. Jennifer Swank Grade 5
Mr. Daniel Fitzgerald Grade 5
Ms. Laura Schmerfeld Grade 4
Ms. Ericka Moore Grade 4
Ms. Warren Grade 4
Ms. Carmen Paternoster Grade 4
Ms. Megan Ellerbusch Grade 4
Ms. Jennifer Mimmo Grade 4
Mr. Francis Mackin Grade 4
Ms. Heather Palmer Grade 4
Ms. Jacqueline Holdgrafer Grade 3
Ms. Megan Nellet Grade 3
Ms. Hermine Michel Grade 3
Ms. Alice Hollingshed Grade 3
Ms. Tangela Ault Grade 3
Ms. Kristin Berkenstock Grade 3
Ms. Nicole Williams Grade 2
Ms. Anne Alvino Grade 2
Ms. Emily Rose Grade 2
Ms. Lisa Campbell Grade 2
Ms. Candida Davis Grade 2
Ms. Vrisida Athineos Grade 2
Ms. Erica Tarducci Grade 2
Ms. Jane Gerofsky Grade 1
Ms. Tia Washington Grade 1
Ms. Melissa Baylor Grade 1
Ms. Frances O’Neil Grade 1
Ms. Mindy Levin Grade 1
Ms. Jennifer Schaffer Grade 1
Mr. Jordan Woolard Grade 1
Ms. Gina DiCicco Kindergarten
Ms. Colleen Gannon Kindergarten
Ms. Elena Habel Kindergarten
Ms. Maria Bonfiglio Kindergarten
Ms. Jennifer Papeika Kindergarten
Ms. Panageota Goras Kindergarten
Ms. Angelina Clookey Special Education
Ms. Kathleen Andinolfi Special Education
Ms. Maureen Ragen Special Education
Ms. Gia Fioravanti Special Education
Mr. Jordan D’Emilio Special Education
Ms. Sydney Rosenberg Special Education
Ms. Sara Cagnetti Special Education
Ms. Laticia Stauffer School Psychologist
Ms. Yili Feng ESOL
Ms. Iraida Mecaj ESOL
Ms. Valerie Nagorski ESOL
Ms. Yu Ting Zheng ESOL
Ms. Julianna Ruka ESOL
Ms. Selina Lynch ESOL
Ms. Tara Neal Art Specialist
Ms. Christina DeFabis Art Specialist
Mr. Hal Levinson Computer Science/TTL
Mr. Walter Johnson Computer Science
Mr. Lester Tusiano Physical Education
Mr. Ronny Mandel Physical Education/Roster
Mr. Seth Feit Physical Education
Ms. Lorin Barry Music Specialist
Ms. Cresta Taylor Spanish
Ms. Marnes Asencio Spanish
Mr. Adrian Arnold Chinese
Mr. Matthew Haydt Instrumental Music
Mr. Joseph Kramer Instrumental Music


Last modified: February 13, 2018