Mayfair School IB Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Honesty Statement of Purpose
Academic honesty is an essential part of the teaching and learning that takes place at Mayfair School, where action is based on inquiry and reflection in accordance with the PYP and MYP IB programmes. In developing this academic honesty policy we aim to develop a school community of individual students who reflect the 10 IB learner profile attributes. We promote academic honesty in a positive and practical way and stress the benefits of properly conducted academic research.


Academic Honesty
Academic honesty is defined as an authentic piece of work based on one’s original ideas and work of others fully acknowledged. Students are encouraged to inquire and to think critically and creatively; giving credit to others when necessary. Teachers, schools, and parents must work together to ensure that students have the knowledge the need to be able to write or discuss what they are learning while explicitly identifying how they have constructed their ideas and what views they have borrowed from others. Academic honesty in the context of IB is making knowledge, understanding and thinking transparent (Academic honesty in the IB educational context, 2014).


Teacher Responsibilities (highlighted 4 of 16)
·      Explicitly teach the difference between academic honesty, intellectual property, plagiarism and authentic authorship, providing clear criteria, examples and guidance throughout the teaching process and for all work, including homework that students are being asked to produce

·      Have students cite other’s work using MLA format

·      Allow opportunities for students to learn from their mistakes in a safe and supportive environment

·      Develop the academic honesty in positive ways that stress respecting the honesty of all student work and recognizing the shared benefits of properly conducted academic research


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