Mayfair School IB Technology Policy

Technology Philosophy
At Mayfair School, the integration of technology into  the learning process is an essential component of our commitment to promote international-mindedness, global citizenship and the development of attributes of the IB Learner Profile. Mayfair School utilizes an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning and providing instruction about how to use technology is a critical skill for all students.  It is the philopsophy of Mayfair School that the integration of technology and the aceptable use of (multi)media resources are needed to teach students to be principled and to successfully use technology under the present circumstances as well as in future situations.


At Mayfair School, all teachers and students are expected to abide by the School District of Philadelphia’s Acceptable Use Policy (Appendix A).


Role of Technology in the Development of Information Literacy
Research is one of the Approaches to Teaching and Learning. Information literacy skills are one facet of research, and these skills are taught to varying degrees and difficulties across all grades levels and in all subject areas at Mayfair School:


·      Collect, record, and verify data

·      Access information to be informed and inform others

·      Make connections between various sources of information

·      Present information in a variety of formats and platforms

·      Collect and analyze data to identify solutions and make informed decisions

·      Process data and reports results

·      Evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on their appropriateness to specific tasks

·      Understand and use technology systems

·      Use critical literacy skills to analyze and interpret media communications

·      Understand and implement intellectual property rights

·      Create references and citations, use footnotes/endnotes and construct a bibliography according to recognized

·      Identify primary and secondary sources

·      Support of Native Languages and Second Language acquisition

·      Use of technology in the creation of multimedia

·      Understand how to create programs that solve problems through the use of coding

·      Use of technology as a means of developing robotics


**This is a summary of a larger document available upon request. Please email if you would like the full policy.**